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The Art of Dance



Hip Hop


Classmates will learn strengthening training and the skills in order to perfom Bay Area style hip-hop.  This class is open to all ages, young and old, and allows students to express themselves through Hip-hop.



This is a basic class for beginner tappers.  Students will learn basic tap movements and rhythm steps.  


 Ballet/Turns & Leaps 

Students will be taught by Teri in the art of performance ballet.  Beginners in this class will be shown the basic strengthening skills required to achieve ballet dancing goals.  This class is also open to all ages.  


Combo Dance

Little dancer will explore the beginning world of dance. Beginners in this class will be shown the basic in Ballet, Jazz and Tap.  This class is for ages 4 to 6.  


Contemporary / Modern

Contemporary dance is very interpretive in its choreography and often focuses on emotions and storytelling, can be performed barefoot, with pointe shoes, naked, fully clothed, and with or without music. Contemporary dance almost defies description because it can be balletic or wholly abstract, jazz-influenced or lyrical, structured or unconventional.

Modern Dance is a style of free and expressive theatrical dancing not bound by the classical rules of ballet

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